FT-63SGM190 worm gear motor Intelligent door lock motor

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Technical Parameters

  • Gear Motor Model : FT-63SGM190
  • Gear Box Diameter: 63mmx52mm
  • Voltage : 2~24V
  • Speed : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization Accepted
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    The application of the worm gear reducer motor in the fingerprint lock is mainly used to drive the rotation of the fingerprint recognition module and the lock cylinder.

    Drive fingerprint identification module:

    Fingerprint locks usually require a fingerprint identification module to identify the user's fingerprint information. The worm gear motor can convert the high-speed rotation of the motor into low-speed rotation through deceleration, and drive the rotation of the fingerprint identification module, thereby realizing accurate identification of fingerprints.

    Drive lock cylinder:

    The core component of the fingerprint lock is the lock cylinder, which controls the opening and closing of the lock. The worm gear reducer motor can convert the high-speed rotation of the motor into a low-speed and high-torque rotary motion through deceleration, and drive the rotation of the lock cylinder to realize the switch operation of the lock. The application of worm gear motors in fingerprint locks can provide precise rotation control and stable output torque, and at the same time have the characteristics of compact structure and low noise, which can meet the needs of fingerprint locks in terms of security, stability and user experience.


    Chinese electric motor speed reducer is widely used in mining machinery, chemical industry,steel metallurgy, light
    industry,environmental protection, paper making, printing, lifting transport, food industry and so on.
    Main Series Product: R series helical gear motor reducer, K series spiral bevel gear reducer, NGW, P series planetary gear reducer, H B series helical gearbox, Z (ZDY, ZLY, ZSY, and ZFY) serial hard tooth surface cylindrical gearbox reducer, D (DBY and DCY) serial hard tooth surface cone gear reducer, cycloidal speed reducer, etc. 


    1.High speed-regulating precision :0.5-1 rotation
    2.High speed-changing range: ratio from 1:1.4 to 1:7 freely;
    3.High strength and long service life
    4.Convenient to regulate speed
    5.Can run continuously, front to back running direction, smooth running,stable performance, and low noise.
    6.Sealed fully and suitable for any environment
    7.Companct structure and small volume
    8.Made of high quality aluminium alloy diecast into foarming, nice appearance,light weight and non-rusty.9.Good adaptation:UDL series speed variators can be combined with all kinds of speed reducers to achive low stepless speed regulating(such as R-K-F-S Series and NMRV worm reducers).

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