N30 DC Brush Motor

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  • Gear Motor Model : : N30 Micro DC Motor
  • Voltage : : 1~24V
  • Speed : : 2000rpm~15000rpm
  • Torque: : Customization accepted
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    Micro DC motor feature extremely high power transmission with a very short design. The modular design and the scaled stages provide the basis for a customer-specific solution. Metal components make use in a wide range of applications possible.At the same time they have a very compact form, low weight, and excellent efficiency. Self-centering planet gears ensure a symmetrical force distribution.

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    A micro DC motor is usually composed of iron core, coil, permanent magnet and rotor. When current is passed through the coils, a magnetic field is generated which interacts with the permanent magnets, causing the rotor to start turning. This turning motion can be used to drive other mechanical parts to achieve the function of the product.

    The performance parameters of micro DC motors include voltage, current, speed, torque and power. According to different application requirements, different models and specifications of micro DC motors can be selected. At the same time, it can also be equipped with other accessories, such as reducers, encoders and sensors, to meet different application needs.


    Q: How to select a suitable motor or gearbox?
    A:If you have motor pictures or drawings to show us, or you have detailed specifications, such as, voltage, speed, torque, motor size, working mode of the motor, needed lifetime and noise level etc, please do not hesitate to let us know, then we can recommend suitable motor per your request accordingly.

    Q: Do you have a customized service for your standard motors or gearboxes?
    A: Yes, we can customize per your request for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft size/shape. If you need additional wires/cables soldered on the terminal or need to add connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it too.

    Q: Do you have an individual design service for motors?
    A: Yes, we would like to design motors individually for our customers, but some kind of molds are necessory to be developped which may need exact cost and design charging.

    Q: What's your lead time?
    A: Generally speaking, our regular standard product will need 15-30days, a bit longer for customized products. But we are very flexible on the lead time, it will depend on the specific orders.

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