FT-12SGMN30 Mirco worm gear motor 1218 gearbox motor

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Technical Parameters

  • Gear Motor Model : FT-12SGMN30
  • Gear Box Diameter : 12mmx18mm
  • Voltage : 2~24V
  • Speed : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization Accepted
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    Worm gear motors have the following characteristics:

    1、High reduction ratio: Worm gear transmission can achieve a large reduction ratio, usually in the range of 10:1 to 100:1, which can meet the needs of different applications.
    2、Large torque output: Worm gear transmission has high force transmission capacity and can provide large torque output, which is suitable for occasions carrying large loads.
    3、Compact structure: Worm gear motors are compact in structure and small in size, suitable for occasions with limited space and easy to install.

    FT-12SGMN30 Mirco worm gear motor 1218 gearbox (5)
    FT-12SGMN30 Mirco worm gear motor 1218 gearbox (4)
    FT-12SGMN30 Mirco worm gear motor 1218 gearbox (2)


    DC Gear Motor Widely Used In Smart home appliances, Smart pet products ,Robots, Electronic locks, Public bicycle locks, Electric daily necessities, ATM machine , Electric glue guns, 3D printing pens, Office equipment, Massage health care, Beauty and fitness equipment, Medical equipment, Toys, Curling iron, Automotive automatic facilities.

    How does a worm gear motor work?

    Worm gear motors are a power transmission device used in a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing and automotive to robotics and appliances. They provide efficient and precise torque transfer, making them an important component in many mechanical systems. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the inner workings of a worm gear motor, focusing on its mechanics, applications, and advantages.

    Basic knowledge of worm gear motor:
    A worm gear motor consists of two main components: the worm gear and the worm wheel. A worm gear is similar to a screw, while a worm wheel is similar to a gear with cylindrical teeth wrapped around it. The worm gear is the driving part and the worm gear is the driven part.

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