FT-46SGM370 worm gearbox motor robotics motor

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Technical Parameters

  • Gear Motor Model : FT-46SGM370
  • Gear Box Diameter : 46mmx32mm
  • Voltage : 2~24V
  • Speed : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization Accepted
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    Mechanical principle of worm gear reduction motor:

    The interaction between the worm gear and the worm gear is what makes the worm gear motor function. When power is supplied to a worm gear, rotational motion is transmitted through the teeth of the gear. The unique helical shape of the worm gear allows it to mesh with the worm gear's teeth, resulting in smooth and controlled motion.

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    Worm gear motor is a commonly used transmission device, mainly composed of worm gear, worm and motor. It converts the high-speed rotation of the motor into low-speed high-torque output through the principle of worm gear transmission.

    1、Wide application: Worm gear motors are widely used in mechanical equipment, engineering machinery, conveying equipment, textile machinery, food machinery, metallurgical machinery, petrochemical machinery and other fields.

    2、 Low noise: The worm gear motor adopts precision manufacturing process and noise control measures, which can reduce noise and vibration and make the working environment quieter.

    3、High transmission efficiency: The transmission efficiency of worm gear transmission is usually between 85% and 95%, which can achieve high energy conversion efficiency.

    In a word, the worm gear motor has the characteristics of high reduction ratio, high torque output, compact structure, wide application, low noise and high transmission efficiency.

    Advantages of using worm gear motor:

    1. High Torque: Worm gear motors are known for their ability to deliver high torque. The greater the ratio of the number of worm gear teeth to the number of worm gear teeth, the higher the torque output. This makes worm gear motors ideal for applications requiring heavy lifting or precisely controlled movement.

    2. Self-locking: Another significant advantage of the worm gear motor is its self-locking function. Because of the angle of the worm gear's helical teeth, the gear cannot be easily driven in reverse. This means that when power is removed from the motor, the gear system remains in place, preventing accidental movement. This feature is particularly useful in applications where load stability is critical, such as cranes or hoists.

    3. Compact design: Worm gear reduction motors are relatively compact and can effectively utilize the space of machinery or equipment. The compact design also simplifies installation and maintenance, making it user-friendly.

    Dimensions And Reduction Ratio

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    DC Gear Motor Widely Used In Smart home appliances, Smart pet products ,Robots, Electronic locks, Public bicycle locks, Electric daily necessities, ATM machine , Electric glue guns, 3D printing pens, Office equipment, Massage health care, Beauty and fitness equipment, Medical equipment, Toys, Curling iron, Automotive automatic facilities.

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