FT-37RGM520 Spur geared motors

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37mm round spur gearbox can be equipped with DC brush motor and DC brushless motor. Both motor types can be combined with a gearbox for lower speed and higher torque output.

  • Gear Motor Model: FT-37RGM520
  • Gear Box Diameter: 37mm
  • Voltage: 2~24V
  • Speed: 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization accepted
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    They are also better suited for high-speed and high-precision applications. Therefore, you can choose the 37mm round spur gearbox with brushed DC motor or brushless DC motor according to your specific application requirements


    Medical equipment: Miniature DC spur gear motors can be used in medical equipment, such as electric syringes, infusion pumps, surgical instruments, etc., to provide precise control and movement capabilities.

    Automation equipment: Miniature DC spur gear motors can be used in various automation equipment, such as vending machines, automatic access control systems, intelligent robotic arms, etc., to achieve high-precision motion control and operation.

    Smart camera: The miniature DC spur gear motor can be applied to the PTZ control of the smart camera to realize 360-degree rotation and tilt of the camera and provide a wider monitoring range.

    In general, micro DC spur gear motors play an important role in driving and controlling various micro mechanical devices, making these devices have more functions and application value.

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