FT-48OGM3525 Pear Shape gearmotor valve motor

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  • Gear Motor Model: FT-48OGM3525 Pear Shape gearmotor valve motor
  • Gear Box Diameter: 48mm
  • Voltage: 2~24V
  • Speed: 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization accepted
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     One of the main advantages of pear-shaped geared motors is their excellent adaptability.

    The compact design can be easily integrated into various types of machinery, bringing reliable and efficient power transmission to any application. Whether used in industrial automation, robotics, conveyor systems, or any other area that requires precise and controlled motion, pear gear motors are ideal.

    Shape characteristics: The appearance of the pear-shaped geared motor is in the shape of a pear, and it is usually composed of two parts: the motor and the reducer. This special shape design can make the pear-shaped geared motor more compact, suitable for installation in equipment with limited space.

    Features: The pear-shaped geared motor has a deceleration function, which can reduce the high-speed rotation of the motor to the required low-speed output. Through the design of the reducer, the pear-shaped geared motor can also achieve greater torque output and provide stable speed and torque control.

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