FT-48OGM520 Pear Shape Geared Motor

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  • Gear Motor Model: FT-48OGM520 Pear Shape Geared Motor
  • Gear Box Diameter: 48mm
  • Voltage: 2~24V
  • Speed: 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization accepted
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     The distinctive feature of the pear-shaped geared motor is its unique appearance, which is similar to the shape of a pear.

    This innovative design consists of two important components: motor and reducer, ensuring optimal performance in a variety of applications. The pear-shaped body not only adds a unique touch to the product, but also significantly enhances its compactness, making it ideal for installation in devices with limited space.

    Shape characteristics: The appearance of the pear-shaped geared motor is in the shape of a pear, and it is usually composed of two parts: the motor and the reducer. This special shape design can make the pear-shaped geared motor more compact, suitable for installation in equipment with limited space.

    Features: The pear-shaped geared motor has a deceleration function, which can reduce the high-speed rotation of the motor to the required low-speed output. Through the design of the reducer, the pear-shaped geared motor can also achieve greater torque output and provide stable speed and torque control.

    Application fields: Pear-shaped geared motors are suitable for application scenarios that require high torque and low-speed output, such as industrial machinery equipment, logistics transmission equipment, automated production lines, valve、fresh air ventilator etc. The pear-shaped geared motor can be adjusted at different speeds through a transmission or electronic control to adapt to different working environments and needs.

    The pear-shaped geared motor is a special-shaped geared motor with the characteristics of compactness, high torque and adjustable speed, which is suitable for a variety of industrial and automation equipment.


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