FT-58SGM555 Worm gear motor Electric Valve motor robotic motor

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  • Gear Motor Model : : FT-58SGM555
  • Gear Box Diameter: : 58mmx40.1mm
  • Voltage : : 2~24V
  • Speed : : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: : Customization accepted
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    The worm gear mechanism has the following characteristics:

    1、High reduction ratio:
    The worm gear transmission mechanism can achieve a large proportion of reduction, usually the reduction ratio can reach 10:1 to 828:1 and so on.
    2、Large torque output:
    The worm gear transmission mechanism can output large torque due to its large gear contact area.
    3、High precision and stability:
    Since the gear contact mode of worm gear transmission is sliding contact, the transmission process is relatively stable without impact and wear.
    4、Self-locking feature:
    The helical teeth of the worm and the helical teeth of the worm wheel make the system have a self-locking feature, which can maintain a certain position when the power supply is stopped.


    DC Gear Motor Widely Used In Smart home appliances, Smart pet products ,Robots, Electronic locks, Public bicycle locks, Electric daily necessities, ATM machine , Electric glue guns, 3D printing pens, Office equipment, Massage health care, Beauty and fitness equipment, Medical equipment, Toys, Curling iron, Automotive automatic facilities.

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