FT-65FGM545 Flat Gear motor reducer gearbox

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They are designed to distribute the load evenly across multiple gear teeth, ensuring reliable performance and prolonging the motor’s lifespan.Flat DC gear motors come in various specifications, including different motor sizes, gear ratios, and torque ratings.



  • Gear Motor Model :: FT-65FGMN545
  • Gear Box Diameter : : 65x38 mm
  • Voltage : : 2~24V
  • Speed : : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: : Customization accepted
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    These specifications determine the motor's output speed, torque, and power consumption. Some models may also offer features such as encoders or brakes for enhanced control and safety.These motors find applications in robotics, automation equipment, medical devices, automotive systems, and more. They are often chosen for their compact size, durability, and ability to provide precise and reliable motion control in space-constrained environments.Overall, flat DC gear motors are a versatile and efficient solution for applications that require high torque and precise control of speed and motion.

    FT-65FGM545  Flat Gear motor reducer gearbox5
    FT-65FGM545  Flat Gear motor reducer gearbox3
    FT-65FGM545  Flat Gear motor reducer gearbox4


    ● Automation equipment: square geared motors are widely used in various automation equipment, such as automatic doors, vending machines, automatic lifts, etc., through the rotation of square geared motors to realize the opening, closing or position adjustment of the equipment.

    ● Medical equipment: square geared motors can be used in medical equipment, such as surgical robots, medical equipment, etc., to achieve the accuracy and stability of medical operations by controlling the movement of square geared motors.

    ● In short, the application of square geared motors is very wide, covering almost all fields of automation and mechanical equipment.

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