FT-82SGM5294 High torque worm gear motor with dual shaft

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Technical Parameters

  • Gear Motor Model : FT-82SGM5294
  • Gear Box Diameter: 82mmx59mm
  • Voltage : 2~24V
  • Speed : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization Accepted
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    The 82mm worm geared motors are suitable for a wide range of applications due to their compact size and excellent power output. From robotics and automation systems to solar trackers and conveyor belts, this motor can handle it all. Its versatility and reliability make it an excellent investment for professionals and DIYers alike.

    All in all, the 82mm Worm Geared Motor is a game changer in the industry. This motor sets new standards in power transmission with its high-performance worm gear system, durability, versatility and energy efficiency. Say goodbye to inefficient and unreliable motors - the 82mm Worm Geared Motor will revolutionize your operation and take your application to new heights of success.

    FT-82SGM5294 High torque worm gear motor with dual shaft (2)
    FT-82SGM5294 High torque worm gear motor with dual shaft (1)
    FT-82SGM5294 High torque worm gear motor with dual shaft (4)

    Mechanical principle of worm gear reduction motor:

     The interaction between the worm gear and the worm gear is what makes the worm gear motor function. When power is supplied to a worm gear, rotational motion is transmitted through the teeth of the gear. The unique helical shape of the worm gear allows it to mesh with the worm gear's teeth, resulting in smooth and controlled motion.

     Worm gear motors are an integral part of many mechanical systems, offering high torque, self-locking functionality and compact design. Whether used to convey materials, operate automotive mechanisms, enable precise robotic motion, or power industrial machinery, worm gear motors provide efficient and reliable performance.

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