FT-37RGM545 Spur geared motor

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A Spur geared motor uses an electronic commutator to drive the motor without brushes and commutators. Brushless motors offer greater efficiency and longevity, while reducing noise and maintenance requirements.

  • Gear Motor Model: FT-37RGM545
  • Gear Box Diameter: 37mm
  • Voltage: 2~24V
  • Speed: 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization accepted
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    This type of motor is widely used due to its simple structure and low cost. It uses brushes and commutators to generate and change the direction of the magnetic field on the rotor. However, it’s worth noting that brushed motors also have some disadvantages. Over time, brushes develop wear and friction, causing performance to degrade. 


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    Round Spur gear motor has the characteristics of small size, light weight and high transmission efficiency, and is widely used in various micro mechanical equipment. Here are some common application scenarios:

    Smart toys: Miniature DC spur gear motors can drive various actions of smart toys, such as turning, swinging, pushing, etc., bringing more diverse and interesting functions to toys.
    Robots: The miniaturization and high efficiency of miniature DC spur gear motors make them an important part of the robotics field. It can be used for robot joint actuation, hand motion and walking, etc.

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