FT-51SGM180 DC worm gear motor door lock motor

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Technical Parameters

  • Gear Motor Model : FT-51SGM180
  • Gear Box Diameter : 51mmx24mm
  • Voltage : 2~24V
  • Speed : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: Customization Accepted
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    Worm gear motor is a commonly used transmission device, mainly composed of worm gear, worm and motor. It converts the high-speed rotation of the motor into low-speed high-torque output through the principle of worm gear transmission.

    Worm gear motors have the following characteristics:

    1、High reduction ratio: Worm gear transmission can achieve a large reduction ratio, usually in the range of 10:1 to 100:1, which can meet the needs of different applications.

    2、Large torque output: Worm gear transmission has high force transmission capacity and can provide large torque output, which is suitable for occasions carrying large loads.

    3、Compact structure: Worm gear motors are compact in structure and small in size, suitable for occasions with limited space and easy to install.

    In a word, the worm gear motor has the characteristics of high reduction ratio, high torque output, compact structure, wide application, low noise and high transmission efficiency.

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    DC Gear Motor Widely Used In Smart home appliances, Smart pet products ,Robots, Electronic locks, Public bicycle locks, Electric daily necessities, ATM machine , Electric glue guns, 3D printing pens, Office equipment, Massage health care, Beauty and fitness equipment, Medical equipment, Toys, Curling iron, Automotive automatic facilities.

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    We are specialized in the production and sales of DC geared motors. The company's main products include more than 100 product series such as micro DC motors, micro gear motors, planetary gear motors, worm gear motors and spur gear motors . Whether in household appliances, smart home, automotive, medical equipment or industrial fields, our products can meet the requirements of different needs of customers. And passed CE, ROHS and ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other certification systems, our geared motors are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other regions.

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    FT-46SGM370 worm gearbox  motor robotics motor (3)

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