FT-12FGMN20 12mm MINI flat DC gear motors

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  • Gear Motor Model :: FT-12FGMN20
  • Gear Box Diameter : : 12mm
  • Voltage : : 2~24V
  • Speed : : 2rpm~2000rpm
  • Torque: : Customization accepted
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    Flat DC gear motors refer to compact motors with a flat shape and integrated gearboxes. These motors are commonly used in various applications that require precise control of speed and torque.The flat DC gear motors usually consist of a DC motor and a gearbox that are combined into a single unit. The DC motor provides the power, while the gearbox allows for speed reduction and torque multiplication. This configuration makes the motors suitable for applications that require high torque and low-speed operation.

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    FT-12FGMN20 12mm flat DC gear motors (6)
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    Flat geared motors are widely used in the field of industrial automation. Some common applications include:
    Mechanical equipment: square geared motors can be used in various mechanical equipment, such as conveyor belts, assembly lines, packaging equipment, etc., by controlling the speed and steering of square geared motors, precise motion control can be achieved.

    Robot: The square geared motor can be used in the joint or drive system of the robot to provide stable rotational force and control the range of motion and speed of the robot.

    Automation equipment: square geared motors are widely used in various automation equipment, such as automatic doors, vending machines, automatic lifts, etc., through the rotation of square geared motors to realize the opening, closing or position adjustment of the equipment.

    Medical equipment: square geared motors can be used in medical equipment, such as surgical robots, medical equipment, etc., to achieve the accuracy and stability of medical operations by controlling the movement of square geared motors.

    In short, the application of square geared motors is very wide, covering almost all fields of automation and mechanical equipment.

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